Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Previous Sweet Treats;

Here are a few sweet treats I have made so far this month;

Cupcake Pops
Chocolate cake dipped in milk chocolate, 
topped with white chocolate, sprinkles and smarties.

Ladybird Cake
A toffee sponge with fudge pieces
topped with red, black and white fondant

Bob Woolmer Sales Cake
Made for a business party.
Vanilla sponge with fondant logo.

Big Green Cupcake
Chocolate and vanilla layered cake.
Topped with green icing, fondant leaves
and smarties.

Girlie Heart Cake
A vanilla Victoria sponge sandwiched with
vanilla buttercream and jam.
Topped with white fondant, red and pink 
fondant hearts and edible glitter.

Star Cake
A chocolate sponge covered in black fondant,
white fondant stars and edible silver glitter.

Big Pink Cupcake
A big caramel sponge filled with jam
buttercream and glacier cherries.
Topped with pink fondant, icing and
sugar stars.

 Pudsey Cupcakes
Made for a doctors surgery fundraiser in
aid of Children in Need.
A vanilla sponge topped with white icing
and fondant Pudsey bears

Pudsey Square Cake
Made again for Children in Need.
A different take on the Pudsey logo.
A vanilla and buttercream sponge.
Topped with fondant and icing.

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